New Single Origin Sumatra is now available | Flat $6 Shipping any quantity



local Independent small batch Fair trade, ethically sourced

Your cup makes a difference.

Proudly support TUSD and local communities !

Happy Tuesday

Free upgrade any TEA to large every Tuesday !!

Punch Card

10 Drinks and get 1 Free !!

Event Catering

Have our drinks at your event or special day. Order minimum of 40 drinks and get 6 free. Please order at least 2 days prior your event day.

School Fundraising

Newberry supports our schools and local communities. We would love to help support your next school or club fundraiser ! option 1) We donate 30% ( up to maximum of 100 drinks ) of your order quantity to help your club raise more funds ​option 2) 20% on flyers. Please submit school fundraising request form at least 3-5 days prior your event day.

Committed to quality, its a habit !

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