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The Story

Our story starts on our long-time family friends’ coffee farm in Indonesia, where we traveled to enjoy (and later import) sustainable, high-quality, premium Sumatra coffee.

Our friends taught us about their sustainable farm full of red coffee berries that eventually inspired our company name: Newberry. We learned that flavorful, premium coffee is worth much more than the old tub of stale beans we used to open in our kitchens. 

We roast and sold our friends’ coffee online for a few years and we now import from other popular, single-origin countries. 

In 2017 we took a gap year adventure into Taiwan, India, and Sri Lanka. Here, we experienced many diversities of coffee and milk teas straight from the places they were created. We fell in love with the Himalayan mountains and the elephants at the elephant orphanage sanctuary and felt they were perfect to represent our brand and a community coffee and tea shop. 

Newberry Coffee and Tea Company was born, and with it, the flavors of our travels and the eco-friendly, sustainable, and high-end values we strive to provide our customers. 

Today our coffee shop (both online and in-store) has grown to include weekly roasted, single-origin and premium high-altitude coffees from Colombia and Guatemala, and soon we’re including Honduras, Costa Rica, Kenya, and Ethiopia. We also import tea from Taiwan and Sri Lanka.

We’re passionate about farm and local community driven, premium coffee that brings with it the rich, fresh flavors of the countries they derive from. ​
We hope you join us and love our authentic, fresh coffee as much as we do.

Your Cup makes a difference

Proudly support TUSD and local communities

Total USD 6235

Raised since April 2016

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